Daddy Does Chicago (2012 Edition)

This past weekend a client of mine offered to fly me out to Chicago to help his company finish up some work for an event they are running. Being away from Sierra is tough on both of us but we combat the toughness by FaceTiming, calls and plenty of reassurance that I'm not leaving forever and will be back very soon. I also gave her a little note that told her I'd miss her and that I love her and was told she carried it around in her little pocket all weekend. I missed her terribly but I think learning that sometimes parents need to be away is a healthy and important lesson to learn.

So Friday morning I dropped Sierra off at daycare, said my goodbyes and off I went to the airport to hop on a plane and head to Chicago for the weekend. (ps. I went to Chicago last year around the same time and blogged about it here.)

Friday / Day 1: I'm a very light traveler. One backpack with a laptop, a book, a sketch pad and a few different shirts / cardigans. Here is the first (of many) obligatory plane window pictures from on the way there.

Here is the awesome sunset I got to watch from my pal Huff's roof in the Old Town part of Chicago once I arrived. Huff is BALLIN by the way, check out his rooftop pool. Man I really love this city...

For dinner that evening I went out to a little slice of vegan heaven called "Native Foods", which have a few locations around the country (sadly not in Boston!) and a bunch in Chicago. If you're in the area of any of them I  recommend getting out there and trying it ASAP. Organic/Vegan foods and beers galore! Here is some of cool chalkboard murals they have on the walls:

Saturday / Day 2:

On Saturday Huff headed out to see his little cousin play a football game and I ventured out into the (rainy) city by myself in search of good food, cool stores and the Museum of Contemporary Art.

I ate at "Delicious Cafe" (which was delicious!) and checked out a few cool / small galleries and shops. Check out the store "Transistor" if you get a chance!

The Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago is AMAZING. If you live in Chicago or within driving distance you need to get there immediately. They have some really great pieces on view right now and it's well worth the trip.

PS the picture right above this is a still from my favorite piece I saw at the museum period. Here is a one minute clip from it: -- The fulI film is about 11 minutes long.

Eventually I had to do what I had come there for and settled into Huff's balcony to get some work done. After finally finishing work (around midnight). Huff and I jumped in his BMW (BALLIN!) and went to the famous jazz club "Green Mill" and it was well worth the $5 cover. Unlike bars in Boston which close at 2AM, Chicago parties until 5! Huff and I having just worked for 6 hours straight and been all over the city all day were exhausted and only stayed until around 3 or 3:30 though. We saw an amazing jazz quartet and really enjoyed ourselves. You NEED to go here if you can:

Sunday / Day 3:

My flight was at 1:25 the next day so I pretty much only had time to pack up, eat some breakfast and get to the airport. I was sad to see Chicago go because I had such a great time and love that city but was so excited to get home to my family and get some much needed hugs and kisses from a certain 3 year old.

Once I was home we ate dinner, I gave Sierra a bath with her new color bath fizzes that I bought her at the Museum shop and then celebrated being back home in Boston with a New England pumpkin adult beverage.

Overall it was a lovely weekend and I was glad for the opportunity to be able to see Chicago again. Thanks for the free trip Huff and can't wait to come back again! -Craig