This is Not a "How To" Craft Post (Starting Traditions)

This is not a "How To" post for a specific craft project, although initially I set out to do just that. I decided not to share the steps or even what we ended up with in the end. Although what we made in the end is beautiful and hangs in our home with great pride, it was the times in between the designated steps in the project that ended up being the real experience...

As I sat at the table, I realized that I don't think there was a time that I ever sat at a table with my parents and worked on a project together. When my Daughter looks back to times like this, she may not think this anything out of the ordinary. That is what I hope for.

This isn't a family tradition that has been passed down to me. Maybe this is a family tradition that I will be able to start now and pass down to her. It doesn't have to be The Holiday Season to do a project like this, but there is something that feels special about it being tied to this time of year.

She looked over to my wife as she painted on her hands and arms and kept saying, "look Mommy, like Daddy has tattoos".  I look over and say "hey honey, let's keep it on the pine cones".

As I look through the lens of the camera to line up a shot of a step (of the original "how to" post) I see a scene that makes me step back and realize...

We are not making a "How To" post, we are making a new Family Tradition.

Thanks for reading