"12 Dads of Xmas" DAY 12: Nick Miserendino

1. Why don't you start by introducing yourself to our readers (Name, Kids, Occupation, Location?)
My name is Nick Miserendino, I have one step daughter Pella, she has changed my life from the monent i met her. she always makes me laugh and has stolen my heart. My 9-5 job i build hot rods and race cars for Nelson Racing Engines. On the side i am a partner in Wargasser Speed Shop where i do all the prototype and R&D on all the motorcycle parts we manufacture and sell. I live in Somis, Ca

2. When does "the Holiday Season" start for you?
The holiday season starts for me the day after thanksgiving. I hate shopping in person so i do most of my shopping on line. We usually make a day of setting up the christmas tree and lights. I dont really like hanging lights but i love spending time with my girls so it puts a smile on there face which makes it all worth it for me.

3. What do you and your family do to keep the magic of Christmas alive?
Well to be honest i'm pretty horrible at keeping the magic of christmas alive. My wife does a great job of doing that and involving me as much as possible. We always take Pella to see the christmas light around the neighborhood. we also make her help set up the christmas tree and train that drives us crazy thats underneath the tree.

4. What's your favorite holiday movie?
Mine is that Christmas story because i had a red rider bb gun as a kid.

5. Is there anything you always wanted for Christmas as a child and never got?
To be honest not that i can remember, I was an only child and pretty spoiled as a kid.

6. Holiday Tree or Christmas Tree: Real of fake? Discuss.
Christmas tree for sure. Real theres nothing better then that christmas tree smell when you walk into the house.

7. Do you have any unique holiday traditions? 
Hmm unique holiday traditions... im not sure how unique it is but on christmas morning we open presents from youngest to oldest. 

8. You recently became a step dad (Congratulations!!). What do you feel is the most rewarding part and also the most challenging part of this very big step in your life?
Thank you, The most rewarding part for me is getting to be a part of this little ladies life, she is the most amazing child i have ever met and everyday i cherish the time i get to spend with her. She has a way to always make me laugh and smile no matter how hard of a day i have had at work. Theres nothing i enjoy more then hanging out with her and just being her friend. The most challenging part of this step in my life is just doing the best I can to be a good husband and partner to my wife and good step father and role model for Pella as she grows up. 

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