"12 Dads of Xmas" DAY 2: Kevin Richardson

1. Why don't you start by introducing yourself to our readers (Name, Kids (How Many / Names), Occupation, Location?)
Hello!  My name is Kevin Richardson and I'm blessed to be the husband of Jen and the father to Rowan as well as another baby girl who should be arriving any day now. Since Jen and I have been married (over 6 years) we've moved around quite a bit, but we currently call the Capital Region of New York home. 

I co-own a small web design & development company called Iron to Iron where I also serve as the principal designer. We've been in business for a little over 2 years but I've been designing professionally since 2002.

2. When does "the Holiday Season" start for you?
Hmm… I guess I would have to say the week of Thanksgiving considering that's when my wife finds it appropriate to start playing Christmas music through all hours of the day.

3. What do you and your family do to keep the magic of Christmas alive?  Decorate. As long as there's Christmas lights on and a fire roaring, it's Christmas time in our house. 

4. What's your favorite holiday movie?
Christmas vacation is a classic but I will inevitably grow tired of it someday, right?  Honestly, I just saw a commercial this morning for a new Mickey Mouse Christmas movie that I know my daughter will love. I'm pretty pumped about watching it with her. 

5. Is there anything you always wanted for Christmas as a child and never got?
I'm sure there were years in the past that I was let down by not getting something I was hoping for but I can't think of anything off the top of my head. My parents did a good job hooking me up through the years. I'm very grateful for them!

6. Holiday Tree or Christmas Tree: Real of fake? Discuss. 
What's a holiday tree? "Christmas" all the way! Real, and hand-cut, of course. Nothing beats the smell of fresh pine in your living room.

7. Do you have any unique holiday traditions? 
With our family scattered all over the place we tend to celebrate Christmas in a new place every year which tends to get in the way of any sort of tradition. However, now that my daughter Rowan is getting a bit older I imagine we'll probably start a few traditions for her. We'll see.

8. You have a new little on the way and could be here basically any day now. Are there any things that you learned from your experience with Rowan that are really going to help you when the newest addition arrives?
haha I really hope so! I think the one thing I've learned is how to have perspective. We were always pretty laid back with Rowan but there were definitely some days in the beginning that felt overwhelming. I'm sure those feelings will come flooding back before I know it but at least now I have the perspective to know they don't last forever.  

Kev's Design Company - irontoiron.com

Twitter & Instagram - @ENCRGothers