"12 Dads of Xmas" DAY 4: C.C. Chapman

1. Why don't you start by introducing yourself to our readers. (Name, Kids (How Many / Names), Occupation, Location?)

My name is C.C. Chapman and I'm an author, photographer and speaker. I live in the woods outside of Boston with my two awesome kids, amazing wife and several pets. I'm the Founder of The Cleon Foundation and the author of Amazing Things Will Happen

2. When does "the Holiday Season" start for you?
Thanksgiving is when it really starts for us because I have a house rule that no holiday music can be played until then. When I start baking pies the night before is when I'll pop up on the first Christmas tunes. I always start with the Tidings album from Allison Crowe. Once I hit play on that it is officially the holidays for me and will go until the new year.

3. What do you and your family do to keep the magic of Christmas alive? 
We all love Christmas and make sure to spend as much time as possible together during this time of year. We also have silly traditions like watching Elf together, making Christmas cookies with the grandparents  and eating pie for breakfast. It gets harder as the kids get older because there are more distractions, but so far it is working great.

4. What's your favorite holiday movie?
A Christmas Story is a classic that I can watch over and over. Elf is just as good and I giggle every time I watch it.

5. Is there anything you always wanted for Christmas as a child and never got?
Nothing that I can remember. I'm sure in the moment of opening presents there was something one year, but I've long since forgotten. 

6. Holiday Tree or Christmas Tree: Real of fake? Discuss. 
There is NO discussion on this point. Real forever and always.

7. Do you have any unique holiday traditions? 
Pork Pie is a Chapman Christmas tradition. One of the easiest things on the planet to cook, but we only make it and eat it at Christmas for some reason.

8. We've written about 'The Challenges of Being a Working Dad' and 'Balancing Work and Family' in the past and I know that you are a very busy guy between writing books, public speaking and flying all over for conferences so I was curious if you had any tips or tricks for our readers about how you balance your work load and being an awesome Dad.
It isn't about balancing. I wrote an article recently called You Can't Parentshift because I wanted people to realize that you choose which things are most important. The only reason I work so hard is to provide for my family. I talk about it a lot with my kids so that they realize being away isn't easy or fun for me because I love nothing better than being home with them, but it is part of the career I've chosen.

The key (as in all relationships) is blunt honesty. As a family we share everything. It isn't always easy to have your spouse or children come right out and say how they feel about something, but it works for us. This way I know just what is going on with the kids and they know what is going on with me. Helps keep us on track.