Hello! My name is André.

Hello! I'm Andre, one of the newest additions to The Hipster Dad. Let me tell you a little bit about myself (without tying to sound like a singles ad)...

I met Craig through our friends from American Authors. We became good friends because 1- we are both art geeks/MassArt graduates and 2- we both have crazy adorable daughters. We set up our first family date almost a year ago where my wife Liz and Craig's girlfriend Lauren hit it off right away. We've all been hanging ever since and I feel really luck to have made good friends as an adult (which is tough to do) and to have a dad friend to swap stories with.

I've written maybe .004673% of the posts over at Husband Wife Baby, a blog my wife started shortly after finding out we were pregnant.  I'll share more about trying to get pregnant/dealing with infertility at some point, let's just say that sticking your wife with needles in order to try to get pregnant is NOT fun. 

And just to prove how parenting always keeps you on your toes, we have baby #2 on the way through NO medical assistance (and this one was a definite surprise!). We are due in late May and can't wait to add another kid to the crew of cuties here at The Hipster Dad. As for my daughter Eila (14 months), this was her reaction when she found out:

Well, that's it for now. Looking forward to hanging out here!