Its been a HOT minute!

Its been a while, hasnt it? I want to put up a post really digging into whats been going on lately, but for the time being please accept these photos and a quick, wtf is up with y'all post. A lot has changed over the past year, all for the better! 

 Where do I even begin with Christian? He is huge, 10 going on 17! Video games, tons and tons of reading, legos, and bitching about homework, same old same old right?
 Hendrix wont stop growing either. He is obsessed with fire trucks, shower baths (plugging up the shower, turning it into a bath), our cat Ralph, the Octonauts, pizza, sushi, and his Bro-Bro!

 What has Dad been up to? A lot of growth this past year, especially through the summer. Never before has family been such a focus for me. My career as a DJ is also at an all time high, below is a photo of me opening for Flux Pavilion, one of the many gigs of that caliber I took on this year! Mama is working full time so I also became a stay at home dad, being that I work at night. Its rad! I basically started a stay at home preschool, Hendrix's mind is a sponge, he eats everything up! My relationship, as a father, has grown a lot with Christian as well. Good things in 2013 my friends, good things!

Whats Momma been up to, aside from being hot? She is the head womens stylist for Karmaloop and Miss KL, nbd right? It has been a big change with her gone days, but its been good for all of us. Change is always scary but it can help put things in focus, in terms of priorities and what you really want from life, more on THAT topic as well at a later post.
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