Tuesday Tunes, Holiday Edition!

1. The Mynabirds - All I Want is Truth (for Christmas) -- It's that time of the week again people. This week to get into the holiday spirit I figured I'd post a Christmas song. I first saw the Mynabirds when they opened for Cursive awhile ago and I've been loving it ever since. This song is sort of the 'anti Christmas song' with it's message about global warming, politics, war and consumerism. Hey not every holiday tune has to be warm and fuzzy right?


2. Neil Diamond - Christmas Medley -- Im just going to start by putting this out there: I love Neil Diamond.  As a young child he was forced upon me (eww not like that!) by my mom, still not sure if this was a good thing or not, but whatever it is, it stuck! My earlierst memories of his music involve nigh-time drives to get my dad from work. My little brother would be bundled up in his car seat with me sqeezed into the back right next to him. My mom plowing through the snow in our little Hyundai. As we pulled into the truck yard and picked out a spot to sit and wait, my mom would pop in the Neil Diamond Christmas tape, and we would sit, and wait, and sing. My father drove a US mail truck for a sub-contractor, this meant one thing: uncertainty. We didn't have a cell phone back then, so we had no idea if his route was running late or not, what we did have was a CB radio! My mom would keep the windshild wipers on so we could peer out into the snowy darkness and both she and I took turns talking into the hand-held mic of the cb "breaker breaker 37, this is LiteFoot (my name I made up for myself) looking for Night Stalker, you out there Night Stalker, you got your ears on." We would sing along with Neil, eat snacks my mom brought, and break occasionally to try my dad on the radio. As an adult I now understand this situation, and how it must have made my mom feel, a whole lot better. She never made it seem like a hassle or a burden on us to have to wait like that, sometimes well past our bedtimes. It must have been even harder in the bad weather, around the holiday times, but she made the best of it and I am familiar with every word on every tape from Neil Diamond, along with Bruce Springstein, and one of my personal favorites, The Traveling Wilburys!


3. Bing Crosby - mele kalikimaka
-- When I think of Christmas & The Holiday Season the last thing that comes to mind in Hawaii. But, somehow this old time jam blends the two together in a way that makes me want to throw on a hawaiian shirt, shorts, an ill 80's visor, and a pair of shades and jump in a snowbank. It also makes me thing of that scene from Christmas vacation where Chevy Chase is daydreaming of that 80's hottie. Seriously though this is a rad Christmas Tune.


4. Beat Street's "Santa's Christmas Rap" by Treacherous Three - I know people love the Run DMC Christmas song but for me this video has it all, a drunk Santa, break dancing nutcrackers, and Doug E. Fresh beat boxing!


Enjoy and feel free to leave a comment below with what your favorite holiday tunes are!!