Tuesday Tunes!

1. Into It. Over It. - Embracing Facts -- This week I have chosen Into It. Over It.'s "Embracing Facts" off their full length album "Proper". Fellow Hipster Dad, Don, introduced me to this band about a month ago and I have not been able to listen to anything else lately. It's fun, poppy, full of amazing lyrics that you can't help learn and sing along to instsantly. They are coming to Boston next month and I could not be more excited to go check them out! If you like the song below then listen to the album here. - Craig

2. As Friends Rust - The First Song on the mixtape you make for her -- Realistically I could post pretty much every track from every artist ever signed to Doghouse Records, and be ok with it! This one in particular has always struck a chord with me, maybe because the title alone plays to the emotionally turbulent 20 year old in me? This was released on a split with another fantastic band, Discount, on a 7" on Goodlife Recordings. They later went on to re-release a bunch of material as well as new stuff on Doghouse, and Equal Vision Records. Did I ever make a mixtape with this as the lead track? Yes. Did I do it more then once, can I plead the fifth on that one? Sorry ladies of my younger days, you were all special at one point in time, but I pulled this one out more then once. You can still look at that photo of me in my beaded neclace, XXX t-shirt, and listen to this on repeat if you want, nothing wrong with being sentimental! -Michael

3. Maritime - Parade of Punk Rock T-Shirts -- About 6 years ago I got a package at my house that My wife had ordered. By the shape and size I guessed it was some new vinyl, I opened it up to find the new (at the time) Maritime record. At that point I hadn't actually got to check them out but being that it was formed by members of The Promise Ring, I was very interested. I gave it a spin and the rest is fun time indie rock history - Don

4. Petite Noir - Disappear --  Besides being an amazing song that reminds me of 80's New Wave it's also a very danceable song and the imagery in the video is absolutely beautiful. - Andre


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