MOMS on DADS: Darlene O of the "Tales of a Young Mamma" blog!

Hi guys I'm Darlene from I'm honored today to be here today to talk a bit about an awesome dad in my life, my baby daddy, Drew.

Drew and I started dating senior year of high school, after being friends since 5th grade. It became pretty serious and I ended up transferring out to Denver to be with him Soph. year of college. 

When I got pregnant, he was a 19 year old college kid, with no thoughts to being a dad anytime soon. Even though we had been together for 2 years, I still didn't count on him sticking around to be a father. I didn't want to tie him down at 19. I gave him an out, many, many times throughout my pregnancy. And he never took it. From the day he found out he was going to be a father, he 100 percent stepped up. He switched to a full time job to support our son and us, while going to college full time. 

For the first 3 years of Jasper's life, Drew worked 50+ hrs a week, was in class another 18 and still managed to be a great dad. He was up with me for middle of the night feedings, diaper changes, park and playdates, doctors appointments, he was there through it all. 

He found a way to make our dream of studying abroad in Sweden happen, with our son. Countless people told us it wasn't doable with a child, that they wouldn't be able to find proper housing for a child, and he kept pursuing and making it happen. He Never gives up on a dream.  And he is teaching our children to be the same.

He is the dad who gets up with our son and lets me sleep in while he makes us a huge breakfast on a Saturday. He's the dad who knows all of his sons teachers and friends names and goes along to every birthday party. He is the dad who actually plays at the park, not only with our son but somehow gets all the other kids involved as well. He is the dad who hasn't missed a single soccer game in the two years Jasper has been playing. He is the dad who won't stay for happy hour after work with everyone else because that would mean not being home to tuck his kids into bed at night.

Now that we have a daughter as well I can see how much he has changed even more for the better. Having a son, and now a daughter has made him become such a loving, caring person, and they are so lucky to have him in their life.

Thanks for letting me share a little bit about one amazing dad, can't wait to hear all about the other great dads out there!