The best story of entrepreneurship I've heard in a while.

Disclaimer: This has nothing to do with being a Dad but like I mentioned a few months ago I wanted to open the blog up to be about anything and not just daddy-stuff. So here we go…

So as some of you know, I'm a graphic designer at an agency here in Boston. One of the clients I design for is everyone's favorite office supply and printing store: Staples. Well Staples Headquarters is in Framingham, MA and it's massive! Tons of buildings, parking lots and people. One of these people was an intern who wasn't making much money and just going to work every day waiting for a promotion to come along.

At Staples HQ there is a great cafeteria for the employees but the coffee selection is sub par to say the least, just the 'brew and let sit all day' kind of deal. Well the intern I mentioned is big on coffee and saw an opportunity. He applied for a small space near the cafeteria to stick a cart and when he was approved he quit his internship and opened up shop pedaling great coffee, tea and espresso to Staples' hundreds (thousands?) of employees every day.

The cart is super successful and after my first Iced Americano I had there the other day I can tell you it's also super delicious. It's called the "Espresso Minute" and if you ever find yourselves at Staples HQ make sure to swing by and grab a drink.

When one of my coworkers told me the story of the little coffee cart it just made me feel so happy that someone could go from a low paying internship to owning their own succesful business in such a short amount of time. On top of being successful the Espresso Minute has endless opportunities for growth whether it's other offices, a food truck or even retail locations. So just wanted to take a second to say "Hey Espresso Minute guy, Thanks for giving me a happy success story to cheer up my day and thanks for the caffeine! You rule."