Tuesday Tunes!

1. The Story So Far - Empty Space - The new Story So Far record has been on HEAVY rotation lately. If you haven't listened yet. Get on that asap. Enjoy. -Craig

2. Manchester Orchestra - Shake It OutI am excited to be back on Tuesday Tunes after my brief hiatus due to 80hr work weeks. with that being said I am picking Manchester Orchestra - "Shake it out" The video is amazing because it is a homage to the 80's movie "Over the Top" with Slyvester Stallone. This song also is so deep that it always makes me analyze the lyrics and try to find a deeper meaning in them. There is a point in this song where tone just changes, it gets really introspective and makes me think of the journey, loneliness and things lost, that was explained to me by my parents and brother who have been battling through their addiction and recovery.-Andre