Better late then never, a Mothers day video I made for Adriana

Its been a while since I saw this end of the blog, I tend to keep up with the instagram and twitter and neglect the meat and potatoes of The Hipster Dad, shame on me. A lot has been going on in my camp, including the cooking up of a new baby boy! Expected on September 30th, I will officially have a 3 boy army at my command. Aside from that things have been pretty quiet on the homefront, actually I dont know if that is entirely true, its never quiet here!

I am going to post a lot more this summer, as we have finally started venturing out more, made our first trip to the beach in Jamestown, a little premature, but fun nonetheless. You can see a couple videos of this trip on my Vine, my username is: MichaelSavant. I'm warning you ahead of time, my kids are weird, I wonder where they get it from? Here is another warning, I am playing Moonrise Festival the first weekend in June and plan on documenting the hell out of that experience! It is hands down the biggest show I have ever played, combined with the release of my first EP that month, pretty stoked! OK, the real reason for the post is to share a video I made for Adriana for mothers day. We made a family trip to Misquamicut beach for their annual festival and I brought my camera along to take photos, and ended up filming instead. I obviously didnt have a steadycam or any other fancy rigging with me, so its a bit shaky and long, this was meant to be a family video, but I wanted to share regardless. I feel like both Hendrix and Christians personalities shine through, and Adriana couldnt be any cuter. Without further adieu, here is our trip to the carnival (its 1080 so be sure to change the settings in youtube and watch it full-screen):

Audio: Sea Wolf - Old Friend