Man i love the internet sometimes...

I've liked the author Mark SaFranko for a few years now.  His work “has its roots in painfully lived experience”, and portrays a grimly realistic vision of life. “It's ugly and bleak but then so too is life, especially when you're on the losing end. (via)”.  I fell in love with his book 'Hating Olivia' and have since purchased and read all his other available work. A few years ago he and I had briefly discussed me doing some design work for him but for one reason or another it never happened but we stayed in touch on Facebook regardless. Recently I noticed he had posted about a new book titled "Travaux Forces". 

I was really excited for a new piece of work but realized it was only in French. I saw he was on G-Chat so I reached out enquiring about plans for an English language version but he explained his sales in America haven't been great but the market for his material in France has been really amazing so for now he's focusing on that market. Bummed by this news but determined to get my hands on the book (without having to learn French) I explained I'd be willing to pay him if he would send me the manuscript in English even if in nothing but a Word Document or email. Surprisingly he agreed to it thanking me for my years of support. It's moments like these that remind me why the internet is so amazing. The ability to reach out and speak to people blows my mind on the daily.

Anyway thats my little story about why I think the internet is awesome. Lastly - go buy Mark SaFranko's books right now guys: