My birthday AKA Thank you Ironworker guy!

So I turned 27 on this month. That still counts as mid-20's right? Please?

Anyway about that Ironworker. For my birthday present to myself I bought a motor scooter! I've wanted one for awhile to get to and from work quickly and just around the city in general when the misses is using our car. So I scoured Craigslist and found a good deal on a 2010 scooter with only 305 miles and picked it up the day before my birthday and I LOVE IT. I've been using it to get to work, around the city and just joy rides for 2 weeks now and couldn't be happier with it.

That was until this morning* when halfway to work at a red light it just shut off and woudn't come back on. So I'm sitting in bumper to bumper Boston morning traffic on a 200+ pound scooter and have to push it to the corner / up onto the sidewalk while some guy (asshole) behind me is honking.

So after about 30 seconds of "Did I buy a lemon?!" and "I think I got screwed!!" I try restarting it, giving it a little gas but nothing. I look at the battery, not that I'd know what to look for, and figure maybe it's a dead battery or low fuel. Luckily I broke down right near a gas station so I push it there and put some gas in the tank and try starting again and still nothing. As I'm waiting for my cab to arrive to bring me to work a gruff looking man of about 50 on a scooter pulls up to me and asks what the problem is. I explain and he tells me he's been fixing scooters for years and proceeds to get down on the ground and fiddle with the engine. After about 30 seconds he tells me to try starting it up. It rolls over instantly and is running perfectly. He explains I flooded the engine when trying to restart it and should be fine now. We spoke briefly, mostly me thanking him a thousand times, he tells me he's a local iron worker and that he hopes I have a great day.

Anyway it meant a lot to me that someone would stop on their way to work to help someone they don't know. Maybe there is a shred of humanity and decency left in this world.


* "this morning" was actually last week. I started writing this post then but only finished / posted now.