Parenting: You win some you lose some.

This was a post I started writing 6 months ago and never finished but figured I might as well post it anyway. Enjoy.


This morning was tough. I mean really tough. When I woke Sierra up, all she wanted was her Mom. The scene played out like this: me trying to dress a 3 year old while she SCREAMED and cried for "Mammmmmmaaaa!!", tears flowing down her face, boogers streaming from her nose into her mouth, hair matted against her cheeks, going boneless, underwear half on and me with my head buried in my hands trying to breathe deep yoga breaths and compose myself enough to figure out how to get this child dressed without screaming and crying as well. We eventually both calmed down and got the job done but only after some snuggles, rocking and "shhh shhh shhh-ing". The rest of the morning went a lot smoother and happier. She helped me peanut butter her mini-bagel, we sang songs, we learned the letter V and we got out the door only 30 minutes late.

Moments like this can feel defeating. The 'terrible threes' are hard and theres no way around it. But there are also the wins, the moments where you are so full of happiness and love you just want to squeeze your kid forever and can't whipe the big shit eating grin off of your face.