So a few weeks ago I started a blog post on how Sierra was about to start school (see below) but life got busy and I never finished it. So anyway she's been in school for a few weeks and it's been pretty great. She's very happy, loves going and has met a lot of new friends. There were a few hiccups though: Some kid said "I don't like you" to her (and I got a lot of good / vulgar feedback about it on Facebook) and an after-school person gave her a non-vegan cupcake even though it's clearly listed on allergy sheets. Besides those two little things it's been a lovely experience and I'm enjoying her daily updates about what she's doing, getting to hear about all her new friends and I am looking forward to watching her grow throughout the year.

Will post more about my little kindergartener soon! -Craig

PS. I will probably post a blog entry on the 'i don't like you thing' at some point. Got a lot of solid feedback on how to deal with it, read a lot of great stuff online etc and figure I might as well pull it all together for a "How we dealt with it" post. Later this week maybe!

PSS. Feel free to leave a comment about your back to school experiences / If you've ever had to deal with / explain to your child why someone would tell them they don't like them. #Feelings


In about 2 weeks Sierra starts school and it's all I can think about. I've seen photos from friends with kids who have already started going back and the instagrams full of screaming and tears makes me pretty nervous of how Sierra is going to react on her first day.

She says she's excited and can't wait but that may change when the time to actually go inside and be left by your parents comes.