“Disrupting the Pink Aisle” with GoldieBlox

In case you missed it during the Super Bowl this year, GoldieBlox won over the “parents and soon-to-be parents of little girls that want their daughters to be more than just princesses” demographic. Alright, maybe not the largest target audience for the television commercial event of the year, but it was hard for anyone to ignore this one.

Founded by Debbie Sterling, a Stanford-trained Engineer, GoldieBlox designs toys for girls that promote engineering principles while “disrupting the pink aisle.” Their product line contains building kits that focus on skill concepts such as; wheel & axle, hinge & lever, and belt drive systems. Their apparel contains their “more than just a princess” slogan complete with images of tools.

GoldieBlox earned this 30-second commercial by beating out tens of thousands of other small businesses as part of the "Small Business Big Game” contest sponsored by Intuit. Take a look at the (extended) clip below and feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments! Personally, I can’t wait until my daughter is old enough for one (or all) of these kits.