THD's Favorite Photos of 2014

Here are each of our favorite photos with our children in 2014.

Craig's favorite photo

My favorite photo of the year has to be this shot from my wedding. Not only was it my favorite day of the year period but this shot just kills me. We were trying to take a nice and proper family photo and Sierra just had a case of the giggles. It really captures Sierra perfectly. She's a happy, goofy, great kid and she's always making her parents laugh.

PS. Full post on my wedding coming soon!

Don's favorite photo

So many great moments were captured this year but my favorite was captured by Alex from I always love exploring and introducing my daughter to art and culture, on this day we were at American Field, an all american made artisan market. She decided that she wanted to be my eyes as we walked around, I tend to see a lot of the world through her eyes these days. 





Xander's Favorite Photo

My daughter Penelope was born in June this year. And while this actually isn't my favorite picture of the two of us (there is a great picture of me holding her over my head with her laughing), I couldn't NOT post this picture. She is 6 days old here and it's the day Felicia and I (finally) got to take her home from Newton-Wellesley hospital. SHE WAS SO LITTLE!

Chris's Favorite Photo

My favorite photo of 2014, Henry's reaction shows the pure excitement of the day I got to marry my best friend.

Will's Favorite Photo

My favorite photo of 2014 is this ultrasound photo (Baby due in July). I haven't been able to go to any ultrasound appointments up until this point due to my work schedule. This was the first time I got to go to an appointment and was also the first time my wife and I got to see the baby's profile rather then something that looked like a ball of gas. We watched it move and what appeared to be waving. Up to this point I haven't felt much but after seeing the live feed on the ultrasound screen and the printouts I can honestly say I feel excited and anxious to meet this person.