REVIEW: "The Family Show" at Improv Boston

My niece came to visit recently and when thinking of what to do to make sure her trip to Boston was fun I did some googling. I stumbled upon 'The Family Show', a weekly children's oriented night of comedy, at the Improv Boston club. 'The Family Show' is the winner of the Nickelodeon Award for Best Children's Theater and considered by audiences to be the 'Pixar of Boston Comedy'. Tickets are $14 for adults and only $8 for children under 12 and it runs every Saturday at 6PM. I quickly snapped up the last two tickets for the show before it sold out, which I'm told it does every week as it's one of their most popular shows.

So, on Saturday night we bundled up and fought the snow to head to Central Square in Cambride, MA for the show. The place was packed with excited kids of all ages from as young as 4 to up to 14. They have snacks, juice, and water for the kids and beer and wine for the adults. It's a seat-yourself situation so if you want a seat in the first row I suggest you get their early but the room was tiny, just a few rows on either side of the room so no matter where you sit you're practically on the stage so wouldn't stress about it.

The show was hilarious and very interactive! They started by asking the crowd if they knew what improv was and explaining it in a fun way. The show then went into a series of different style improv bits all of which had the kids interacting by calling out words and phrases as well as actually getting on stage for some parts. There was situational comedy, slap stick, impressions and even a good amount of singing. It was awesome for both kids and adults and would be good for any age of child. There are enough 'over the kids heads' jokes to keep the adults laughing but nothing raunchy or vulgar what so ever. It truly is a 'family show' and really felt worth the money and time. We had an a really great evening and I would absolutely go again!

Find more info on the show and Improv Boston at their website or twitter. Tickets can, and should, be purchased ahead of time here.

Footnote: The club is located in Central Square in Cambridge, MA and if you've never been it's a great location for a night out. It's located on the red line of the subway and has tons of bus service as well. The area has every kind of restaurant you could think of (I suggest Veggie Galaxy!) and other fun things to do if you want to make a night of it.